The CNMlab is the ideas lab from the Centre national de la musique. Designed as a think tank with a close connection to the academic world, its main objective is to develop a research programme that complements studies conducted by the CNM.

The Centre national de la musique (CNM) is a French public institution created on 1 January 2020. Its missions are to support the entire music industry in all its diversity, to inform and advise music industry professionals, to identify and apprehend technology trends that will transform the sector, and to promote innovation. The Law of October 30, 2019, relating to the creation of the CNM, authorised the CNM with establishing an observatory of the economy and compiling data for the entire sector.  

The CNMlab expands on this mission by developing a research programme of publications covering a wide variety of topics (business models, music practices, diversity, the climate transition, digital economy, health, Europe, heritage, innovation) in relation to current events and the challenges facing everyone across the entire music industry.

This action brings together contributors from various backgrounds and of various nationalities, be they specialists, experts or researchers in the topics covered. The CNMlab publishes notes and studies in two main formats: “long wave” publications are long-term projects resulting in in-depth reports, meanwhile “short wave” publications are more concise, comprehensive and dynamic in format. Finally, the CNMlab also publishes collaborative collections which aim to present different approaches and contributions around a given theme. All publications are intended to educate music industry players, public authorities, the media and the general public.

With the aim of creating closer links to the academic world, the CNMlab regularly brings together a scientific committee of around 20 figures from various domains, such as sociologists, economists, historians, lawyers, musicologists, and philosophers. This advisory think tank, unprecedented in the music world, reinforces the CNMlab’s research programme and fosters greater interaction between the spheres of academia and research. The scientific committee may identify future themes for the CNMlab to set, suggest contributors and monitor research progress.

All CNMlab publications are available for free via the CNMlab website (cnmlab.fr).

Scientific committee